What to Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal

Lady with headphones needing wisdom teeth out

Chances are, you may need a wisdom tooth removal if you are a teen or young adult. Dentists suggest a wisdom tooth removal for patients that are around 16. Why? The last molar’s root is bigger after age 21. This can lead to issues during surgery. Other reasons are impaction, misalignment, gum disease, or limited room. If you still have your wisdom teeth and you are unsure if they need to be removed, contact Dr. Wolniak at Prairie Fields Dentistry in Overland, Kansas, today! Below are a few tips for before, during, and after your wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom Teeth

Before Wisdom Tooth Removal 

During the first exam, Dr. Wolniak and his team will review the care plan with you. If you take meds or have health problems, this is the best time to tell Dr. Wolniak. You will need to take the day off from work or school for a wisdom tooth removal. Lastly, don’t forget to ask someone to drive you home! 

Wisdom Tooth Removal At A Dentist Near Me

Surgery is done in about 45 minutes. Dr. Wolnaik and his team will use a local or general med to make you feel good during the wisdom tooth removal. 

After Wisdom Tooth Removal in Overland, Kansas 

Depending on the type of meds Dr. Wolniak and his team used, you may not be able to drive home. Patients may feel a small amount of pain and discomfort for a few days. Stay hydrated, eat soft foods, carefully move your jaw, and take the meds Dr. Wolniak gives you.

This can be a big decision. But, it may be better for your oral health. If you have pain on, in, or around your teeth, you may need a wisdom tooth removal. To learn more or to plan your next visit, call Dr. Wolnaik at Prairie Fields Dentistry, today! 

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