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A Great Cavity Cartoon


My son Knox and I watched some cartoons this weekend. While he was engaged in Paw Patrol’s latest case, I couldn’t help but reminisce about some of the great cartoons we had back in the day.


Voltron. ThunderCats. Transformers. He-Man. Each show was packed with cool, fearless heroes fighting off evil with unbelievably sophisticated gadgets and vehicles. The characters were smart, funny and never failed to disappoint on a Saturday morning.


G.I. Joe was particularly good.  At the end of each episode there was a segment where one of the “good guys” would teach a life lesson (i.e. avoid a fallen power line, don’t get into cars with strangers, don’t steal candy). The segment would end with their signature tagline: ” Now you know. And knowing is half the battle!”


Its true.


More often than not, patients know what cavities are, but aren’t quite clear about WHY they occur. They understand that sugary foods lead to cavities , but may not think they have any because they aren’t in any pain. Once we know WHY something happens, its easier to prevent it from happening again.


This video from TedED does a great job of explaining how cavities develop.


And now you know. :)




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