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A Great Cavity Cartoon

My son Knox and I watched some cartoons this weekend. While he was engaged in Paw Patrol’s latest case, I couldn’t help but reminisce about some of the great cartoons we had back in the day.   Voltron. ThunderCats. Transformers. He-Man. Each show was packed with cool, fearless heroes fighting off evil with unbelievably sophisticated gadgets and vehicles. The characters were smart, funny and […]

Cucumbers are a Great Investment

I’m an overly proud father of two young boys.   Cam is 5 months old, bald, and really happy. He’s quick to smile, and when he does it shows in his eyes.  He got that from his mom. Knox is two. He’s smart, goofy and also usually really happy. He’s curious but careful, loves food, […]

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should..

I love Taco Bell Meximelts. I know I could probably eat 5 in one sitting, but shouldn’t. I know I could probably skip an oil change, but shouldn’t. The ADA recently announced that people can stop flossing. They shouldn’t. The ADA recently stated that there isn’t enough historical evidence to support that flossing makes a […]